My Car is Falling Apart

[linkstandalone] Nothing really unexpected tbh. I did get rid of the loud rattling noise that it does sometimes. I didn't really fix it though, I just tied up the exhaust with a radiator clamp. It'll at least make the muffler and the exhaust more in line with each other. I was gonna fix it with epoxy, but I would've had to remove the muffler in order for everything to line up properly. Unfortunately, the bolts holding the muffler to this broken piece were rusted pretty badly. I might try again later. Ofc now I'm having to deal with another noise, a hum whose pitch varies depending on my speed, which I'm pretty sure is coming from the rear of the car. (Future me here, this is actually the front right wheel bearing.) That, plus the fact that the transmission is leaking oil (albeit, not terribly quickly (this was actually probably because I might've overfilled it when I changed the fluid)), really highlights that this car is beyond help at this point. Maybe I can just help it last a little bit longer, and use it as a sort of sandbox for learning. I really just need to go car shopping, but tbh I'm not really even sure where to start. I know I want a Corolla. That's really it. If I get a brand new one from Toyota, I'll need to keep saving for another year or so, which I don't think I have that long. Plus if there's anything wrong with the 2021 model, I won't know. Probably would be best to get a car that's got a few years on it. I just don't trust the people before me to have actually taken care of their car, people tend to be kinda stupid.