Web Pin!


Web pins are a staple of classic internet culture, and they're starting to become a meme once again. I absolutely love this, and fully endorse the meme. In fact, on my list of websites I recommend, I keep a small collection of web pins from the sites listed on that page. I know it's a bit redundant, but it's fun so why not?

Despite that, I never did make a web pin for my site. I felt like I really didn't need once since there's not really much here, but that was more or less just an excuse to be lazy. The whole point of web pins are to have a fun way to advertise web sites. The key word there is fun. I don't have much on my website yet, but I made a pin for the fun of it.

So, if you for some reason want to add a link to my website on your own site/page, you can use my web pin!

SoulDJ673.xyz Web Pin

It is also on the site's homepage.