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Legacy Browser Support

[linkstandalone] So I've redesigned my website to be much more minimal, and imo much better looking. It renders perfectly in text based browsers such as Lynx and w3m, however in graphical browsers without modern css support, at least CSS 3 (namely Netsurf, but Dillo as well), the colorscheme isn't correct. My site uses a colors.css file to keep track of the colors, that way I can easily change them whenever I want. However, CSS variables are ig a relatively new standard. Browsers like Netsurf and Dillo don't completely support it yet. So why does this matter? Well, frankly it doesn't. Nobody uses those browsers anyways and there's no need to support browsers that don't support features that most other browsers implemented 5ish years ago. I'm still going to do it though bc yea. I'm just going to write a script that will read the colors.css file and replace all of the var() calls with the corresponding color values, write the changes to a new file that nginx will serve with the website. That way I get the ease of using variables with the compatibility of the old and tedious method of color assignments. Very cool. Wed, 21 Oct 2020 22:30:30 -0400

Website Changerino

[linkstandalone] So I've been thinking about redoing this site to look more like my new tab page, which you can see here. Theorhetically it should make my site load a lot faster, and it'll make it more compatibile with obscure browsers, namely Vimb, my current browser. I'm having this weird issue where the background of my main page doesn't load in, meanwhile the Breakfast page loads perfectly. It could have something to do with how I linked things in the css for the home page, but I've been wanting to rewrite everything anyway so it's not really worthwhile to look any further into it. Not having an image background will also save me some bandwidth, so there's that. tl;dr: I'm going to be changing how the site looks. Tue, 04 Aug 2020 14:35:11 -0400

Thinking about learning how to type fr

[linkstandalone] I've swapped the Esc and Caps Lock keys on my keyboard. Caps Lock is a useless key in prime real estate, so why not? Especially for my particular work flow, the programs I use regularly require frequent use of the Esc key (namely Vim). When I learn how to type properly, work will increase significantly in efficiency. I'll probably use the Dvorak layout. I tried using it for a bit but I couldn't learn it because I needed to type too much for school, and it just wasn't reasonable at ~15wpm. I did get pretty comfortable with it though, and I much prefer it to the QWERTY layout. Yeah this is especially boring. Honestly, I just felt like posting something. Good night. Sun, 19 Jul 2020 01:36:24 -0400

Blog is up

[linkstandalone] So after months of talking about it, my blog is finally semi-functional. There's still plently of work to be done (namely css and rss), but the basics are here. I'll be off tomorrow so I should be able to finish up. Sat, 18 Jul 2020 02:32:19 -0400
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