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Update ig


It's been a long while, and a lot has happened so ig it warrants a post.

Firstly, site-related things. I've made a few changes to a few pages, and I've got a number of new pages in the works, and I obviously can't have all of these pages in the nav bar. I'll be removing the Breakfast link since the server is long dead. I'll also be removing the New Tab/Start Page link as well, since that's not important enough to require a spot on the nav bar. I do also plan on hosting my own SearXNG instance, so stay tuned for that. I also still want to host a PeerTube instance, though that has some annoying issues on Artix, which my at-home server is running. Either I'll need a separate server for that, or I'll just drop the idea. I don't really feel like paying for bandwidth and storage on some VPS. I've got it up and running, just took some finagling. Check it out!

Secondly, life stuff. I've lost someone who was very close and important to me. I don't know that I want to go into too much detail, since this is a public site. I'm pretty much the only person that goes to this site though. Anyways, I've been going through it. I was fine for a while until recently, when I've started unraveling. Some days, my mood seems to sometimes change significantly many times over the course of only an hour.

Swingin' B)

I might make a page for him, containing a bunch of pictures of him. I'm not one to take pictures, so unfortunately I don't have many of my own. It's not like you can prepare for things like this. Maybe I'll make a form to submit pictures, or maybe just put an email on there like I do with everything else.

I don't feel like talking anymore.

Thu, 16 Feb 2023 17:17:43 -0500
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