More About Me:

Finally, a page with more detail. Not particularly important.

Some Minor Details:

I'm a wagecuck in a factory, and specifically in the warehouse. This consumes the vast majority of my time.

I'm a huge fan of the classic web, thus the aesthetic of the web site (and most of the sites listed here. The internet used to be cool, soulful. Now it's all corporatized, sanitized, and fat with ads, trackers, and just garbage generally. Luke made a video on this very thing, inspiring him to create I agree with everything he says in the video, watch it if you care, I'm not going to elaborate further,

I used to play Euphonium and Tuba. I still can, but can't really read music very well anymore. I listen to a lot of ragtime, boogie woogie, other jazzy (and related) stuff, especially rock and roll (og).

Software I Use:

Real Computing:


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